JFK: 50 Years Later

JFK: 50 Years Later.


Scary Movie 5/Jack & The Giant Slayer Reviews…

So… Last week, I took myself to the cinema. It was my last week in London for the Summer so I thought, why not?! The first film I saw was “Scary Movie 5”. Bloody brilliant! It’s not to everyone’s taste (obviously), but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to see Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen make a sex tape at the beginning of a film! Very glad to see some of the original Scary Movie cast in it too! Most film series would often replace their entire cast by the fifth film… Still undecided on the use of a plastic baby (hopefully no spoiler there…), but if you haven’t seen it already go see it! DO IT!!!

“Jack & The Giant Slayer” on the other hand… It was your typical hero/romance film. I don’t really buy into that so much. More of a “Reservoir Dogs” type of girl! Though its always fun to mock those silly films (hence the love of “Scary Movie”)… BUT! It did have one or two redeeming features… Ewan McGregor and Nicolas Hoult… HAH 😛



Look at this beauty!

Yup, its ‘Leprechaun’.

As it is St Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d celebrate but watching this sexy beast on the big screen… Well, the small screen… My laptop’s not that big…

I think it is safe to say that this little fella’s pretty choked up about his Gold! This Leprechaun is pretty cray cray (to say the least). 

But Warwick Davis is a LEDGE! Awesome acting! …Even if that Irish accent is a little dodgy.

I think it is safe to say – avoid little people who fix up shoes….



So here’s my little review of the BAFTAS. Unfortunately (I’m ashamed to say) last night’s show was the first awards show I’ve watched from beginning to end. I’ve always fallen asleep before the end, or tuned in halfway through.

But anyhow, I did enjoy it last night. My flatmates and I all huddled around the TV, trying to guess who the awards would go to. I was surprised to see how many awards ARGO received compared to DJANGO and LES MIS. But apparently Ben Affleck was awesome (I’m yet to see the film, so it’d be hypocritical for me to judge the film too much). 

I was expecting more awards, as I said, for LES MIS and DJANGO. But, of course, the former won Best Sound and the latter Best Screenplay (Tarrentino is awesome – need I say more). 

It was good to see Steven Fry hosting the show, though as the only English one in our flat, I was the only one who really knew who he was and got his jokes. But hey! He’s a hero of mine (along with Tim Curry ;P).

Very happy to see Spacey present an award. He will shortly be doing Masterclasses for the BA Acting & Global Theatre students at my UNI… Let the crazy stalking commence…