My name’s Kath, and I’ve moved back to London from Bristol to study at Regent’s College. I love film. For as long as I can remember I’ve been watching movies and going to the cinema! One of my all-time favourite films is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, which is the earliest non-Disney film I have any recollection of watching. Unfazed by men in drag, I got really into the music in Rocky Horror – and other films. I wanted to know how sound worked in a film and such!

Anyway, the more I was interested in sound, the more I was interested in producing and editing and such. The film industry is where I wanted to be! And making movies is fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun for a living? If it ain’t fun, there ain’t no point in doin’ it!

BACK to the task in hand – this blog! Technically its an assignment for College, but there’s no fun in that – so this blog’s for anything about film!


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