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HEY, today I was thinking that one of the most important things about this carrier is the work team. Chose the perfect team for you is one of the secret to have a successful film. Trust, friendship, know how the other people work, know in what they are good and in what they aren’t is really important. For example I think I’m a really good producer I know how to choose good actors like in portait of a women, I know how to find materials, and convince people to let us shoot in their works restaurants, shops, etc. Also,  this year I realize that I know how to use the camera, it really easy and fun. But I don’t know how to direct, is impossible for me, tell the actors how I want them in the shot, explain the camera operator how I like the shoot to be film, make that…

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About Kath Walker

My name's Kath and I'm a film student at Regents College in London! Since I was small I've loved film. I'd always be watching movies, recording things on my Dad's Camcorder and going to the Cinema! The first Cinema I remember going to was a massive, 12 screen Warner Bros. one on the outskirts of my hometown and it quickly became my favourite (It had nothing to do with the HUGE Pick 'n' Mix, I swear... >_>)! Growing up I was watching "James Bond" and Clint Eastwood Wild West films with my Dad and my Mum and I would do the Time Warp from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" constantly!! What made me want to work in the industry was actually the soundtrack to "August Rush". I am influenced by directors and such, but my other great passion is listening to music - and a soundtrack has the power to make or break a film! But hey, I'll see what happens... Twitter -

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