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Carrie Fisher has played down her involvement in Star Wars Episode 7, after she joked in an interview that she would definitely be appearing in JJ Abrams’ reboot.

The actress left fans jabbering like Ewoks earlier this week when she gave an unequivocal yes to an interviewer who asked if she would be reprising her role of Princess Leia in the upcoming sequel.

Fisher went on to suggest she would be playing an elderly Leia who perhaps lives in some kind of Jedi old people’s home.

Unsurprisingly, her comments have been quickly shot down by her representative, who told CNN: ‘She was joking. Nothing has been announced.’

Leia featuring in the movie in some way is not beyond the realms of possibility however, with Harrison Ford strongly rumoured to be returning as Han Solo and Mark Hamill insisting he is ‘open’ to the idea of playing Luke Skywalker once…

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