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So a couple of days ago my friends and I went to see (The Almighty) Quentin Tarantino’s latest production Django Unchained. And oh my God, what a film. It was highly entertaining, to say the least.

Very, very well plotted and paced, perfect casting (Samuel L. Jackson was amazing as always, Waltz and DiCaprio too), fantastic dialogues… THE DIALOGUES! it is safe to say that Tarantino has written the most brilliant scripts out there and this is not an exception. I’m especially obsessed (yes) with one of the great lines in the movie and basically ending my every sentence with it I like the way you die, boy (spoiler?).

The ending was slightly different than most of his works, nevertheless still explosive (hmm). Plus there were a lot of zooming in effects and chunky, colored texts which gave a classic Western-y feeling and I really enjoyed those little thoughtful details.

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My name's Kath and I'm a film student at Regents College in London! Since I was small I've loved film. I'd always be watching movies, recording things on my Dad's Camcorder and going to the Cinema! The first Cinema I remember going to was a massive, 12 screen Warner Bros. one on the outskirts of my hometown and it quickly became my favourite (It had nothing to do with the HUGE Pick 'n' Mix, I swear... >_>)! Growing up I was watching "James Bond" and Clint Eastwood Wild West films with my Dad and my Mum and I would do the Time Warp from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" constantly!! What made me want to work in the industry was actually the soundtrack to "August Rush". I am influenced by directors and such, but my other great passion is listening to music - and a soundtrack has the power to make or break a film! But hey, I'll see what happens... Twitter -

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