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Rating: 8,50 out of 10

Tonight I took one of my friends, Florencia, which is one of my uni colleagues and went to see “Life of Pi”. She wasn’t that excited about it, as she heard from different sources that it’s “not as good as they say”. Still, she thought she should give it a shot so we went on Baker Street to Everyman Cinema, bought two tickets – which I must say were super cheap (8 pounds each) – and waited for the movie to begin.

One of the first things I must mention is that we saw it in 2D not 3D and I suggest you see it in 3D, as the effects were pretty much amazing, but I’ll get to that part also.

First things first: I liked the script. I think it’s different from everything you see today, it’s not the kind of the movie…

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My name's Kath and I'm a film student at Regents College in London! Since I was small I've loved film. I'd always be watching movies, recording things on my Dad's Camcorder and going to the Cinema! The first Cinema I remember going to was a massive, 12 screen Warner Bros. one on the outskirts of my hometown and it quickly became my favourite (It had nothing to do with the HUGE Pick 'n' Mix, I swear... >_>)! Growing up I was watching "James Bond" and Clint Eastwood Wild West films with my Dad and my Mum and I would do the Time Warp from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" constantly!! What made me want to work in the industry was actually the soundtrack to "August Rush". I am influenced by directors and such, but my other great passion is listening to music - and a soundtrack has the power to make or break a film! But hey, I'll see what happens... Twitter -

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